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BBQ Sandwiches Subs & Wraps

BBQ Sandwiches Subs & Wraps


With so many delicious food items, it’s hard to choose!

Five Star Rating

How delicious is their BBQ? Let me count the ways! Real smoked beef and pork, home-made sauces and slaw, hand cut fries, old fashioned sodas and ciders. And, the decor is amazing. I can tell the owners traveled the antique stores in the area to create a fun and interesting ambiance. Love this place.

Catherine Lockey


dollar01Cash only, to save us all money!


Saucy Pork BBQ “Signature Sandwich”

Kaiser Roll – $9.50
Steak Roll – $10.95

Tender juicy shredded smoked pork, mixed with our own
sweet & sassy BBQ sauce on a kaiser roll

Pork BBQ “Southern Style”

Kaiser Roll – $10.50
Steak Roll – $11.95

Saucy pork BBQ topped with slaw on a kaiser roll

Smoked Pork Sandwich

Kaiser Roll – $9.50
Steak Roll – $10.50

Tender juicy shaved smoked pork (NOT IN SAUCE) on a kaiser roll

Pit Beef Sandwich

Kaiser Roll – $10.50
Steak Roll – $11.50

Tender juicy shaved smoked beef on a kaiser roll

Rib Buster Sandwich

Kaiser Roll – $13.95
Steak Roll – $15.95

Pulled off the bone pork baby back rib meat with BBQ sauce

Spicy Burnt Beef Sandwich

Kaiser Roll – $10.95
Well done pit beef with mayo & hot sauce on a kaiser roll.

Hog Wild Cheese Steak Steak Roll – $12.95

Pit beef with grilled sweet bell peppers, onions, cheddar,
BBQ sauce & horseradish (opt.)

Tina’s Deli Favorite

Kaiser Roll – $11.95 (Pork) $12.95 (Beef)
Sub Size Steak Roll – Add $2

COLD pit beef or smoked pork with cheese, bacon, lettuce,
tomato, onions, pickles, mayo & BBQ sauce

Hog Wild Wrap – $11.95 (Pork) $12.95 (Beef)

Cheddar, BBQ sauce, grilled peppers & onions on soft flour tortilla

Carolina Wrap – $10.95

(add american cheese, onions & jalapenos) Add $1
Saucy pork BBQ & slaw on soft flour tortilla

Smoked Dip (Steak Roll) $11.95

Mini Dip Kaiser – $10.95
Pit beef on toasted bun with side of rich aujus for dippin’

Hog Wild Pizza Steak Roll – $12.95

(Add grilled peppers & onions) – $13.95
Pit beef with pizza sauce & mozarella

Cheese Steak Quesadilla – $13.95

Half Size – $11.95
Pit beef, grilled peppers and onions american cheese, mozz. cheese, BBQ sauce inside two flour tortillas, Jalapenos optional

Pork BBQ Quesadilla – $11.95

Half Size – $8.95

Look!!! Sandwich Add – ons!

Add cheese, American, Mozz, or soft cheddar +1.00 Sub Size 2.00
Extra Meat $1.00 for each extra ounce!
Add Jalepanos onions, or peppers $1 each
Add side of Au Jus $1


Hours – Wednesday – Saturday 11-7- Sunday 12-7 – Closed Monday & Tuesday