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BBQ Sandwiches Subs & Wraps

BBQ Sandwiches Subs & Wraps


With so many delicious food items, it’s hard to choose!

Mouth Watering!

To keep this short and sweet... Hog Wild is my absolute favorite BBQ place! Good location, easy parking, friendly staff, delicious food, nice outdoor seating and BYOB. Cash only!

Kara R


dollar01Cash only, to save us all money!


 Saucy Pork BBQ (Signature Sandwich) (kaiser roll) Р$6.50

Tender juicy shredded smoked pork, mixed with our own
sweet & sassy BBQ sauce
(Steak Roll – $7.95 – Kidz Hot Dog Bun $4.95)

Pork BBQ “Southern Style” (kaiser roll) – $7.50

Saucy pork BBQ topped with SLAW
(Steak Roll – $8.95 – Kidz Hot Dog Bun $5.50)

Smoked Pork Sandwich (kaiser roll) – $6.50

Tender juicy shaved smoked pork (NOT IN SAUCE)
(Steak – $7.50 – Kidz Hot Dog Bun $4.95)

Pit Beef Sandwich (kaiser roll) – $6.50

Tender juicy shaved smoked pork (NOT IN SAUCE)
(Steak Roll – $7.50 – Kidz Hot Dog bun $4.95)

Rib Buster Sandwich (kaiser roll) – $7.95

Pulled off the bone pork baby back rib meat with BBQ sauce
(Steak Roll – $9.95)

Hog Wild Cheese Steak (steak roll) $7.95

Pit beef with grilled sweet bell peppers & onions, cheddar,
BBQ sauce & horseradish (opt.)
(Mini Kaiser Size – $7.25)

Tina’s Deli Favorite (kaiser roll) – $7.95

COLD pit beef or smoked pork with cheese, bacon, lettuce,
tomato, onions, pickles, mayo & BBQ sauce

Granny’s Deli Sandwich (kaiser roll) – $6.95

Cold pit beef or smoked pork with lettuce, tomato, & mayo
(meat only – $6.50)

Hog Wild Wrap – $7.95 (pit beef or smoked pork)

Cheddar, BBQ sauce, grilled peppers & onions on soft flour tortilla
(Meat only – $6.75)

Carolina Wrap – $7.95

Saucy pork BBQ & slaw on soft flour tortilla
(add cheese, onions & jalepenos $1)

Smoked Dip (steak roll) $7.95

Pit beef on toasted bun with side of rich aujus for dippin’
(Mini Kaiser Size – $6.95)

Hog Wild Pizza Steak (steak roll) – $7.95

Pit beef with pizza sauce & mozarella
(Mini Kaiser Size – $7.25, or add grilled peppers & onions 50cents)


BBQ Sauce & Horseradish Available
Add Cheese to any sandwich – 75 cents (Sub Size – $1.00)
(Soft Cheddar, Yellow American or Mozzarella)


Hours – Wednesday – Sunday 11-7 – Closed Monday & Tuesday