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Family Owned Barbecue Business

Family Owned Barbecue Business

Hand written menu outside Rick's Hog Wild.

The Gulan family are proud of their family owned barbecue business.


We are now proudly celebrating 13 years in business.

Rick’s Hog Wild Catering and BBQ Carry Out in East Berlin PA is a restaurant that started as a hobby and grew into a full-time family business. Rick Gulan and wife Tina converted their three-car garage into the special place it is today! “We all work hard so you can eat well!” says Tina Gulan. We close at 7:00 PM for quality family time.

Five Star Rating

How delicious is their BBQ? Let me count the ways! Real smoked beef and pork, home-made sauces and slaw, hand cut fries, old fashioned sodas and ciders. And, the decor is amazing. I can tell the owners traveled the antique stores in the area to create a fun and interesting ambiance. Love this place.

Catherine Lockey

God has blessed our family with the ability to create delicious meals for your family to enjoy.